1 – Withdrawing Funds

Please note that it may take 2-5 days from the time orders are placed before your orders are available for withdrawal purposes. Card Boon uses Stripe, and after a customer makes a payment, funds are not available immediately. Funds need to clear the transaction system and then will be available for vendors to withdraw using the process below.

After you make a sale, vendors will be able to withdraw the proceeds from that sale once those funds clear the system in 2-5 days. Only orders that are “Complete” in the Order section will be available for withdrawals. Follow these steps to check and withdraw funds:

Step 1 – Go to Payouts

  1. Log in to Card Boon (for the best experience we recommend doing this on a laptop, tablet or desktop computer)
  2. Go to Store Manager from the top menu.
  3. Click the the “Payouts” button on the left menu.
    • In the Payouts section, you’ll be able to see transaction history for payouts.
    • You can select “Show All, Approved, Processing and Cancelled” transactions.
    • If you want to check transactions from previous periods, select “Choose Date Range”.

Step 2 – Request Withdrawal

  1. Inside the Payouts section, click the withdrawal button on the top right.
  2. The Withdrawal section will automatically list orders that have funds available to claim which have cleared the 2-5 day waiting period.
    PLEASE NOTE: if you had an order in the last 2-5 days, you may not see that order in this list. If you would like to see order history, please click the Orders button on the left navigation. Only orders that are marked “Complete” in the Order section will be available for withdrawals.
  3. Orders that are available to withdraw are listed in the table below.

Step 3 – Make the Request

  1. Inside the Withdrawal section, select the checkbox next to each order you would like to claim the funds for.
  2. Once orders are selected, click the “Request” button on the lower right.
  3. Once the “request” button is clicked, your withdrawal request is processed.
  4. Pending Withdrawal information is also available on this screen. The total amount shown on the top left will indicate there are orders that are either not passed the 2-5 day wait period or they are not marked as “Complete” in the Orders section.

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